20th Anniversary Weekend Workshops

We were extremely grateful to all our tutors for offering a discount on their usual fees for our Anniversary workshops.

Petal Brooch with Carol Blackburn

The workshop covered the construction of the hollow forms using single and blended sheets of clay.

10am to 4pm Saturday 23rd September 2017

Charms with a Twist! with Debbie Bulford

Debbie's workshop was to create a tubular charm bead design, using bead inserts to create a wearable and interchangeable design.

1pm to 4pm Saturday 23rd September 2017

Delft Cane with Cara Jane

In this workshop, students created several Delft style cane components using Skinner Blends to add detail and shading. Students were shown how to combine the components to make 3 different canes, but the components could also be used individually. Students learned how to combine cane slices into a smooth sheet of veneer which could be used to create jewellery and other decorative objects and also to apply cane slices to beads. Plenty of tips were shared throughout the workshop!


10am to 4pm Saturday 23rd September 2017

Christmas Bear with Karen Walker

In this workshop Karen taught students how to create a bear with various textures, sitting or standing, wearing a festive jumper!


10am to 4pm Sunday 24th September 2017

Illumination Lines Pendant with Maria Alexandrou

The Illumination Lines Pendant was inspired from manuscripts dating back to the Middle Ages and the shiny effect Middle Eastern buildings had at that time. The pendant’s design is essentially a rectangular hollow bead, with two beads, hanging off a long chain. The bead’s decoration planning begins after moulding and structuring the translucent clay.


10am to 4pm Sunday 24th September 2017

Miniature Fruit in a Bowl with Allan Marshall

Allan taught students how to create a variety of individual fruit at 1/12th scale. 


11am to 3pm Either Saturday 23rd September or Sunday 24th September 2017

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