Valerie Anderson

How did I become inspired by polymer clay? Many years ago before I made jewellery, lived in Scotland or knew what polymer clay was all about, I was visiting Edinburgh one Christmas and saw some of Melanie Muir 's wonderful work. I was bowled over by the finish and design of her pieces.

Eventually, I plucked up the courage to try polymer clay myself and have never looked back. Like a lot of clayers, I haven't yet found my voice, however, I have been playing with textures and incorporating fabric e.g. sari silk in my work. Last year a friend made a suggestion that I started making buttons, so now I have those together with my jewellery on my website


My clays of choice are Premo and Kato, although I must admit I love the durability and finish you can achieve with Kato. We all have to grow and skills can be passed on. Don’t be afraid to try and attend any workshops you can, not necessarily for the design, but tips which can help to improve your skills. There are lots of resources and support on the Internet from Facebook groups to guilds.


I have recently become a coordinator for Scottish polymer clay artists on behalf of the British Polymer Clay Guild.


You can message me via my website, on Facebook or email me using the form below.