BPCG Tutors

The following people are current members of the British Polymer Clay Guild who regularly teach Polymer Clay Workshops. 
Being listed on this page does not mean that these tutors are endorsed by the Guild, but is intended as a helpful guide for our members who may wish to learn from other Guild members. 

Lisa Walker

Area: Kidderminster
Area Covered: Worcestershire (has own venue in Kidderminster)
Specialities: sculpture dragons fantasy, jewellery, wall art, mixed media
Min / Max No. of attendees : 1 to 12; more can be accommodated upon request

Website www.facebook.com/lisawalkerdesign/

Contact lisa@lisawalkerdesigns.co.uk

Angela Smith

Area: Northampton
Area Covered:  Will try and get to most places - within reason (will travel Internationally)
Specialities: All types of Polymer, cane work, surface techniques, Mokume Gane etc.
Min / Max No. of attendees : 1 - 20 

Contact decordence@virginmedia.com

Fiona Abel-Smith

Area: Bucks, Northants
Area Covered:  Local, unless transport is available (can travel Internationally)
Specialities: Everything Polymer related, specialises in complex cane work, but covers jewellery, artwork, sculpture and anything else required.
Min / Max No. of attendees : 1 - 35

(depending on venue).
Website www.fionaabel-smith.co.uk

(with details of workshops currently available)
Contact : fionaabelsmith@gmail.com

Kerrie Venner  

Area: Gloucestershire
Area Covered:  50 mile radius

(will travel Internationally)
Specialities: An enthusiastic technique junkie, enjoying mixed media and the learning curve in newcomers.
Min / Max No. of attendees : No minimum

Contact deedee.wild@gmail.com

Pascale Bigot

Area: Stourbridge
Area Covered: 100 mile radius (maybe more)
Specialities: Everything to do with polymer clay such as jewellery, art, sculpture, 3D work etc, including mixed media techniques.
Min / Max No. of attendees : 1-12 

(maybe more, depending on venue)
Website www.pascalebigotart.com

Contact pascalebigot11@gmail.com

Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Area: Northamptonshire
Area Covered: 50 mile radius (maybe more)
Specialities: Jewellery, Surface Treatments, swirly beads, Themed projects, etc.
Min / Max No. of attendees : 1-12 

(maybe more, depending on venue)
Website www.bizzizizzi.uk

Contact lizzibizzizizzi@gmail.com

Cara Jane Hayman

Area: Bristol
Area Covered: Throughout the UK and internationally
Specialities: Millefiori cane work, Kaleidoscope canes, mokume gane, jewellery, polymer bowls, finishing with sanding and polishing.
Min / Max No. of attendees : 3-20 (maybe more, depending on venue)
Website www.carajane.co.uk
Contact carajaneuk@gmail.com

Shelley McLoughlin


Area: Somerset Area Covered: at my studio Specialities: Beginners techniques, jewellery and bead making, cane work and surface techniques.

Min / Max No. of attendees : 1-6

Website : www.shelleym.co.uk

Contact: shelley@shelleym.co.uk

Sally Boehme

Area: Herefordshire
Area Covered: Herefordshire and the rest of the UK
Specialities: jewellery, buttons and Christmas decorations include: screen printing, painterly techniques, casework, Mokume Gane, stencilling, stamping, surface decoration, filigree, flower filigree.

Min / Max No. of attendees : 2 - 6 from home, 6 - 10 elsewhere

Website :www.sallyboehme.co.uk  

Contact : info@sallyboehme.co.uk

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