Sheila Smith

I have been playing with Polymer Clay for a few years now and I've been hooked since the first time I picked it up. I live in Yorkshire and its been a lonely journey until I started to go to the guild classes in Lichfield. I have learnt so much and the meeting of like minded people has encouraged me to start a class and hopefully a group in my local area. My love for jewellery continues with the clay and I toy with the idea of returning to Silver Smithing with the intention of combining it, the colours and the movement of the clay and the clean, sharp lines of the silver.

This necklace was made when I thought I had mastered the basics, boy was I wrong. I have been to a few of the Guilds classes in Lichfield since then and have just begun to learning the basics. I am improving.

This was one of the first canes I made and when I put the finished beads with the red glass pearls I was pleased with the result.

I made this to wear at my son's wedding, the salmon pink and denim blue just lifted the soft brown.