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Polymer Clay Techniques

Polymer Clay Techniques


Sue Heaser

ISBN 1-84092-233-8

No longer available new from Amazon UK but available from other sellers (though Amazon) or other sources.

Publisher's description 


Discover the wealth of creative possibilities that versatile and colourful polymer clay has to offer. Here are the techniques you need to create oven-clay projects: buttons, beads, jewellery, figurines, boxes, mosaics and frames.

Guild review 


This book covers over 50 techniques and a host of different applications for polymer clay. The projects described are varied and there will be something in this book to suit every ones taste. A book that covers the different techniques that can be used with polymer clay will make a valuable addition to anyone’s bookshelf. Sue’s later book “The art and craft of polymer clay” is more up to date and may be the better buy.

Review by Philippa Todd

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