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Polymer Clay Jewellery Projects

Polymer Clay Jewellery Projects


Debbie Bulford

Polymer Clay Jewellery Projects: step by step instructions to create a collection of beautiful wearable Polymer Clay jewellery pieces

By Debbie Bulford and published by Debbie Bulford in 2013

This book is what is says it is. It is a collection of Polymer Clay Jewellery Projects. Debbie’s stated aim is ‘to show you how to make a series of individual pieces from start to finish’ and she does just that: she always shows you an example of a finished piece. However, she does not mention that she intends to show many methods that are used in jewellery making per se (rather than pure polymer clay work). I do not consider myself to be a beginner with polymer clay, but I did benefit from learning how to accomplish the jewellery finishing techniques and as such would have been more likely to seek for this book were this also stated as an aim.

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