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Polymer Clay Jewellery - The Art of Caning

Polymer Clay Jewellery - The Art of Caning


Mathilde Brun

A nice book that covers a wide range of different canes and different ways to use them. As with most craft books, it starts with a bit of general information and then is arranged in projects. Each project makes a different cane and different jewellery items made using that cane.

For each cane, there are step by step instructions that have been illustrated rather than photographed. There is a reasonable amount of information but some prior knowledge may make it a bit easier to understand in a few places. 


There are different floral patterns, geometric patterns, and even some simple face canes. The canes are then used in different ways. On different shaped beads, to make picture panels, to make a bangle and even to make sculpted flowers. 


Whilst not all the projects are to my taste, and some of the execution could have been further refined I found it in an interesting book with some really nice projects. There are a lot of different skills involved with making canes included in this book and it would certainly give people lots of ideas for further projects. It would be a good book for someone interested in cane work.

ISBN 978-0-7643-4456-5
by Cara Jane Hayman

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