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Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay

Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay


Patricia Kimble

It is known in my local BPCG group that Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay by Patricia Kimble is one of my favourite books. I looked at the pictures and the instructions for making the canes but to be honest I had never actually read it. So I sat down and started at the beginning of the book. 

She covers basic rules for clay work, including blending colours and progresses through to complicated canes. Each cane is clearly illustrated and the instructions are easy to follow.


I use the book as inspiration as I would use a recipe book. Looking through the pictures to find a cane that fits what I am trying to make, I can follow the illustrations and Patricia’s instructions to make the cane. The colours Patricia uses are subtle but it’s easy, using the guidance she gives, to adapt the colours to match the finished cane I want.

I am relatively new to the world of polymer clay so I haven’t yet made a lot of the canes and am looking forward to trying most, if not all, of them in the near future.


Book review by Christine Lacey

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