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The Wonder of Polymer Clay

The Wonder of Polymer Clay

Review by

Bonnie McGough

Popular tutor and demonstrator Bonnie McGough has introduced many people across the country to the wonders of polymer clay as a creative medium. She has now finally been persuaded to put some of her favourite techniques into her first book, entitled, appropriately enough, the Wonder of Polymer Clay.

Starting with an introduction to the basic tools required, Bonnie moves on to show the novice clayer the basics of conditioning polymer clay and techniques for colour blending with and without the use of a pasta machine.

Bonnie then moves on to millefiore techniques, showing how to create simple flower, leaf, jellyroll and bulls-eye canes and how to combine them to create complex canes and kaleidoscope canes. Projects throughout the book also show us how to create peacock feather canes and butterfly and dragonfly wings among others.

Other techniques covered include mokumé gané, bead shaping, moebius beads and modelling; Bonnie shows us how to create an array of cute animal characters and whimsical angels.

All the projects are accompanied by step by step photos and the book is illustrated throughout with examples of Bonnie’s work and a gallery of work from international and home grown artists.

Throughout the book Bonnie’s obvious enthusiasm for the medium shines through. The book provides a good introduction to the medium for beginners, with plenty to inspire more experienced clayers also, and it is sure to appeal to anyone who has enjoyed one of Bonnie’s workshops.

Review by Angela Smith

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