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Polymer Clay Greetings Cards

Polymer Clay Greetings Cards

Review by

Candida Woolhouse

ISBN 0 85532 9947

Publisher's description 


Filled with new and exciting ideas for classic, stylish and fun cards, this fresh and practical series shows how to create innovative designs for all occasions. Each book concentrates on a different technique, illustrating how to decorate, embellish and enhance blank cards in many different ways. Step-by-step photographs and patterns, together with easy-to-follow instructions teach all the essential skills involved, encouraging beginners, and more experienced artists, to make their own original designs. A fun-filled, practical and inspiring series offering a range of designs that will appeal to anyone wanting to send someone special something special. This fun-filled book includes a range of original designs for all occasions and seasons. Candida Woolhouse shows how easy it is to create a variety of miniature clay models and to make three-dimensional scenes, pictures and objects. The techniques are simple and will amuse the whole family.

Guild review 


This slim volume (only 48 pages) covers arrange of cards suitable for a variety of tastes. Polymer clay is an excellent material to make cards from and this book is an excellent introduction.

Review by Philippa Todd

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