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Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay

Review by

Irene Semanchuk Dean

Reviewed by Tracey Jones


I cannot remember how I came to own this book, possibly given to me
as a gift or a charity shop find anyway, it really is a useful guide into
various ways of using polymer clay. I would say it is very good for the
beginner and also a good reference book too.

It starts by giving you a bit of an insight into the different clays, useful for
the beginner, also how to mix the clay to get the desired colour.
Tools, baking and storing of the clay is explained and this again if you
are new to this medium all very useful information.
Very clear pictures showing some different materials that can give you
textures on your clay. Information on inclusions including mica powders,
embossing powders, crayon shavings to name but a few.
Although I have been playing with clay for the best part of 10 years now
this book is still one I go to just to give me a little inspiration when my
‘mojo’ is a bit down, we all know it happens now and then.
There is a great part about simple cane making which to me really brings
you back to the basics and allows you to start again so to speak and
realise that this wonderful medium does have so many capabilities but
can give some beautiful results with pretty simple techniques.
I especially like the projects shown as they are clear and precise plus a
good variety to choose from all showing different techniques, simple but
I believe it was published in 2000 so close to 20 years old but the
information and techniques are still very relevant.
For me this is one book I will not be letting go for some time to come.

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