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Cernit Alcohol inks

Cernit Alcohol inks

Review by

Debby Wakley

 Cernit versus Ranger Alcohol Inks

Cernit have branched out into alcohol inks, the development of  these took over a year to get the process just right. I was sent a  few of the colours to test out by Karen Walker at The Clay Hub  ( .

They have 30 colours in the range, and I was sent 6 colours and  3 metallics, as we all know Cernit certainly know how to do  metallic clays and I was excited to see how these inks compared  to the inks I normally use which is Ranger Alcohol ink. I wanted to test the 2 products side by side to see how they  compare: - 

• the saturation of the pigments,

 • the fading capacity

 • the scratch resistance and durability

 • the underlying colour tone of the pigments 

• the capacity to withstand chemicals once cured.

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