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Beach Boho Wall Art by Debbie Crothers

Beach Boho Wall Art by Debbie Crothers

Review by

Di Millen

I was lucky enough to win this tutorial in one of the Guild prize draw. The cackle technique is really addictive.


This tutorial by Debbie Crothers is in the form of a set-by-step, 64 page, PDF document. This means that you can stop and start at will and save the document to your device so don’t have to rely on an internet connection for access. I found it worked as well on my smartphone as well as my laptop.

Every page includes clear photos supported by short pieces of explanatory text. Every step is shown in a photo.


Debbie demonstrates how to create 3 different looking crackle veneers, and a variation of each.  She also demonstrates how to create the pod beads, tubes, spikes and a selection of smaller beads needed to complete the wall hanging. Two basic canes are also demonstrated and used to make beads as fillers to add to the design.

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