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Patterns in polymer

Patterns in polymer


Julie Picarello

 ISBN 0871164094  Published 2011

This was given to me as a gift when I first started creating in polymer.

For those of you who have read it, will know what I mean when I say “Jecru” that’s the one thing that has stuck and I still use in my colour mixing particularly for Mokume Gane. For those of you who haven’t read the book yet it’s worth getting it for Julie’s take on colour selection, mixing and blending alone. She uses such harmonious blends.

The book starts with a lovely introduction, she doesn’t labour over the basics but goes into details about the tools she specifically uses, I found my purchase of ‘security tools bits’ invaluable to recreating her projects, but this was the only purchase I made. Most of the tools you will already have in your tool kit. 

Section 2 is all about how to create the controlled Mokume Gane than she is know for. There are step by step instructions for creating a controlled imprinting pattern, the design, the execution of the patterns, the curing and finishing.

Section 4 is all about the individual projects, step by step instructions on colour recipes, layering, impressioning, slicing, building and structuring pendants. 


The book It’s beautifully laid out, easy to follow and certainly inspiring. I would recommend this as a beginner to intermediate book as the technique itself it simple enough but the skills to plan ahead, envisioning the final design before starting takes restraint. I learn that less is more when trying to emulate Julie’s designs.


Reviewed by 

Debby Wakley

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