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How to make Polymer Clay Beads 

How to make Polymer Clay Beads 


Carol Blackburn

Firstly I can't believe this book has not been reviewed by someone before. I often see people on social media asking for recommendations for a good polymer clay book. Nearly everyone recommends Carols book. In addition to that 96% of people who have reviewed the book on Amazon gave it a 5* review. So they can’t be wrong. 


I borrowed this book from my local library before deciding to buy it. It’s a good way to see if a book is going to give you what you need. I ended up buying it from a fellow clayer at a bargain price. If you can only buy one book about polymer clay, make it this one. It’s the one that will cover all the topics you need. And it grows as you grow. I’ll go into more detail about this.


I should say I have so many books on polymer clay and although they're all very good in their own way, some can be a little repetitive on content. Dare I say even boring but not this one, it has got everything you need to know from a beginner to the more advanced. It’s a well written book broken into sections. If you’ve ever met Carol you’ll know what I mean when I say you can hear Carol’s voice as you read the words. Especially when you read the ‘tips’ that are periodically spaced in each chapter.


Section 1 is all about the basics, making equally sized beads, using classic techniques such as mokume gane, mica shift, inlays, extrusions etc. In the piece about sanding and drilling I learnt some valuable tips that I still incorporate when sanding. You could say this chapter teaches you all the life lessons you need to progress in your work.

Section 2 is all about faux beads showing you how to make beads look like wood, agate, lápis lazúli, silver, jade....I can go on and on but seriously try the Faux Amber beads, they are lush.

Section 3 has all you need to know about bringing you beads together into pieces of jewellery. This section ‘rounds of the creative process’ nicely without labouring the point.


Do yourself a favour and buy this book. Read it, use it and re read it. Each time I pick it up more of it becomes relevant especially as your skills grow.

review by Debby Wakley

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