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Foundations in Polymer Clay Design

Foundations in Polymer Clay Design


Barbara McGuire

ISBN 0-87341-800-X

No longer available new from Amazon UK but available from other sellers (though Amazon) or other sources.

Publisher's description


Polymer clay is a versatile, inexpensive substance that can be used to create works of art ranging from beads and dolls, to sculptures. This book outlines traditional, fundamental design elements and their applications in polymer clay.

Guild review


The book is divided into three sections; the first covers “understanding polymer clay” the second “creativity” and the third much longer section covers “elements and principles of design”. Polymer clay is such a colourful medium that it leads itself to discussions on design and this book provides plenty of inspiration. The design section does include some projects but the main focus of the book is to provide stimulation and this it certainly does. There are many photographs and techniques all of which will inspire you to try new techniques and directions in your work.

Review by Philippa Todd

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