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Five artists – Five Directions in Polymer Clay

Five artists – Five Directions in Polymer Clay


Jamey D Allen

ISBN 0-9620543-8-0

Publisher's description 


Polymer Five is a casual consortium formed by five artists located in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992: Pier Voulkos, Martha Breen (Urban Tribe), Michael and Ruth Anne Grove (Grove and Grove) and Jamey D. Allen. We five have been working with polymer clay for a number of years, and are among the main proponents of this not-quite-accepted and avant garde art form in the West. With the publication of Nan Roche's fabulous book, The New Clay, the polymer clays have quickly gained ground, respectability and popularity. When you see Pier Voulkos' wonderful necklaces, Martha Breen's unbelievably detailed clocks, Ruth Anne Grove's graceful dancing figures, Michael Grove's delightfully imaginative "Not-a-Vessel" vessels, and Jamey Allen's folded beads (a reincarnation from the past), you'll understand why their work has been an inspiration to so many.

Guild review 


This book does not contain any projects it is just a fascinating insight into the thoughts and inspirations of five different artists. This slim book contains many inspirational photographs.

Review by Philippa Todd

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