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What is Polymer Clay?

10x10 tile made by members of South Midlands branch for the Fimo 50 Project

Polymer clay is a plastic man-made modelling material. It is hardened permanently (or 'cured') by baking at a low temperature in a home oven. It is available in many colours and is marketed under several different brand names such as Fimo, Cernit, Sculpey III, Premo Sculpey, Pardo, Creall-therm, Kato, Studio by Sculpey, Dukit and Uro. It can be used to create a remarkable range of creative artwork.

Miniature Roast Beef Dinner by Allan Marshall

It can be mixed together to form new colours with endless design possibilities. By pressing items into the clay it will take on the texture of the object and is often used with rubber stamps. In addition, it is relatively light weight, which makes it an ideal medium for jewellery. It is very easy to sculpt and is used in many application to create sculptural animals and figures, dolls and dolls' house accessories, as well as jewellery, beads, picture frames. You name it and someone in the polymer clay community has probably tried it!

Steam Punk Fairy Door by a member of the East Midlands group

Pendants by Silvana Bat of Ireland

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