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Kato Polyclay was formulated to embody the most desirable working properties possible. Strength, stability, firmness, and a wide spectrum of colours. It is a much firmer clay than most of the other brands available. This can mean it is a little harder to condition and work with but these properties make it excellent for making canes as there is much less distortion. Use in cane work and items where you need strength or rigidity. It can be used very thin.


Other Products

Liquid Polyclay (Clear Medium) – this works especially well as a high gloss surface finish. COLOR Liquid Polyclay is available in 6 vibrant transparent colours including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet as well as opaque White and Black PolyPaste – a paste clay, use it as you would liquid clay but it is less slippery. Great for mending broken bits of clay too. Repel Gel – a water soluble medium that stops clay sticking to itself during curing.

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