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This ever expanding range is the largest offered by FIMO. Available effects include

Metallic effect – clay that is pre-mixed with mica powders making clay look like colourful metal

Glitter effect – clay mixed with glitter

Fluorescent clay - will make your project glow in the dark

Gemstone effect - will add a pearl shine,

Translucent range - this gives clay a semi-transparent look,

FIMO Effect also offers clay imitating stone and a full range of pastel coloured clay.



This range offers clay in primary colours allowing you to mix a wide spectrum of new secondary colours and the clay itself is a lot firmer than the rest of the Fimo ranges, making it well suited for more detailed work.



Fimo soft was developed for hobbyists and it is soft enough to use with very little conditioning.



This is the newest range and it truly is unique due to its ability to imitate leather. The clay itself does not feel as smooth as other polymer clay ranges as it has a subtle grainy suede feeling when it is raw, after curing the surface is similar to that of leather. Cured pieces are highly flexible and you will be able to braid, bend and even cut it with scissors then feed it through the sewing machine, and more!


Other Products

Fimo also offer a range of tools including cutters and moulds, and some accessories such as snow globes. They have a liquid clay and a range of varnishes. They also offer some kits.

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