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The Dollmakers range is one of the strongest clays when baked, making it excellent for smaller or thinner pieces. It is great for figurines and dolls. The range is available in many different skin tones, another thing which has made this particular clay extremely popular with sculpters and dollmakers everywhere. Available in 500g.



The Cernit metallic range is extremely popular among jewellery makers for its bold and striking colours. As their name states, they are known for their stunning metallic quality, and with colours such as Rust, Steel, Rose Gold and Hematite, they are an essential tool for any clay artist. Available in 56g



Three stone-like colour effects. This clay is popular with miniaturists and jewellery makers for its realistic earth and stone effects. Available in 56g



These Neon Colours provide an excellent alternative to the No.1 colours if what you need is a far more vibrant touch. These colours are great for adding flare and "pop" to any piece. Available in 56g


Number One

The No.1 range is the most popular range of clay that Cernit has to offer. With an impressive array of stunning colours, the No.1 range is used by professional artists worldwide. The No.1 Range is suitable for all projects from jewellery making to sculpting; The No.1 Range is easy to work with, taking very little time to condition, it is soft, smooth, and surprisingly strong. It also sands and buffs very well. It is available in quantities of 56g, 250g and 500g. 



This range of colours are 50% translucent, and once baked give a beautiful porcelain-like finish. Ideal for jewellery making, this range comes in the standard sizes of 56g, 250g, and of course 500g. 



Cernit Translucent offers a variety of beautiful colours. It is easy to work with and wonderful for faux effects, such as stone, agate and glass, because of its high translucency. The White itself is extremely popular and in high demand due to its almost transparent quality. Available in 56g, 250g and 500g.


Other Products

Soft Mix, in 56g packs, and Magic Mix, in 80 ml bottles, can be added to clay that has become less flexible and difficult to use. Cernit Glue, can be used on raw or cured clay. Cernit Matte and Shiny varnish, and Cernit Glass, a two-part epoxy resin. Cernit Sparkling mica powders. A wide range of Cernit tools, moulds, and texture plates.

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