Penny Vingoe

I'm the owner of dedicated online polymer clay store, ClayAround.

Target market - polymer clay artists
Motivation: we need to spread the word about this wonderful craft!
Goal: Superior customer service

What do I sell?
Pardo Professional Art Clay
Fimo Classic
Fimo Effect
Fimo Soft
And a range of accessories and tools

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On a personal leverl, my claying skills are developing slowly.


'My experiments with Ikat - such a satisfying piece'


'Pardo Professional Art Clay has such brilliant translucent - these beads are made using a technique from Donna Kato's book.'


Flower cane using Pardo Professional Art Clay


Old Rose cane


I have been experimenting with covering tins. These tins have a plastic centre on the lid so I had to find a way of decorating the lid without putting it into the oven. My inspiration came from tins produced by Bonnie McGough


And having made literally hundreds of beads since discovering polymer clay I decided it was time I did something with them. You may recognise the inspiration from Donna Kato on the medium sized beads.

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