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Workshop with Helen Cruickshank

Helen Cruickshank oct-1.jpg
Crewel Embroidery in Polymer Clay


Zoom Workshop with Helen Cruickshank on October 9th 2022 at 10:00 BST.
In this workshop Helen will be teaching how to make Crewel Embroidery out of Polymer Clay.
First you design the pattern you want (There is a document that can be printed with many of the patterns on).
The focus will be for people to make a pendant size piece during the workshop.
Helen will be showing how to make the 'wool', then the embroidery 'material', and finally go through the various stitches.
A material list and the patterns are available see October Polynews for details.
Crewel embroidery is a traditional form of embroidery which uses wool to create a slightly raised pattern on a linen background. It dates back from Medieval times, if not earlier, and rose to prominence in Jacobean England in the 16th and 17th century. Helen’s grandmother used to do crewel embroidery, never following a pattern, and she has loved it ever since.
In the workshop Helen will be teaching many of the traditional embroidery stitches, using the clay wool, and the scope for originality and design is huge. She will make sure people who don't feel confident can make a pre-designed pendant and will do that one in the workshop.
See the October Polynews for ZOOM details.
Helen Cruickshank oct-8.jpg

Some of Helen’s designs

Helen Cruickshank oct-7.jpg

Close up of part of the pattern.

Helen Cruickshank oct-3.jpg
Helen Cruickshank oct-4.jpg
Helen Cruickshank oct-5.jpg
Helen Cruickshank oct-6.jpg

A frame with Polymer Clay Crewel Embroidery

Helen’s designs on a vase

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