Lisa Walker 

chair of the Bpcg 2018-

I have always been a creative soul and from an early age, I found pleasure in sticking things together and making things from lots of different materials. As I became a young adult I started to experiment and investigate many varied crafts including paper crafts, egg art, jewellery making, wire work and felting to name a few.


I then had my career to think of and for 15 years I spend my life in the business world as a manager of a large factory using my creative talents as a release from work, selling things at craft fairs and doing private commissions for my greeting cards and wedding stationery.


In 2001 I had my daughter and decided to leave work altogether and in 2005 daughter number two arrived. I then ran a successful eBay business selling craft supplies but I still wanted to create and time was short.


In 2009 I visited the NEC Hobbycraft exhibition looking for inspiration and found it as I visited the British Polymer Clay Guild Stand. The stand displayed the most incredible pieces from jewellery to wall art and I was hooked!


Initially, I saw it as an enhancement to my jewellery but soon discovered it was an art in its own right. I was fascinated by the seemingly endless effects and results that could be achieved, so I embarked on a period of learning, workshops, books, YouTube and of course experimenting for myself. I found many of my crafts could be adapted and incorporated to create some exciting and new results.


As I had done serval workshops over the years for many different mediums I started to gather friends and family to teach them polymer clay techniques. This grew and I soon realised that I enjoyed teaching people as much as I enjoyed creating pieces myself. The workshops and teaching developed and I started the Kidderminster branch for BPCG.


I try very hard to help at the NEC every year to help spread the word about Polymer Clay. Then in 2016, I was lucky enough to get my own studio which can house up to 10 people for workshops and it has been a great success. I also run BPCG clay days as well as workshops for beginners and set workshops for specific designs. 


You can follow me on Facebook and contact me about the Kidderminster clay group.