Christi Friesen Weekend 25th and 26th May 2019

Christi Friesen is an award-winning artist from the USA who works in polymer and mixed media. Her work has been showcased in numerous books, magazines and exhibits. She is the author of over a dozen how to books on creating with polymer clay. She teachers throughout the world, using humour and positive energy to encourage others to stretch their creative technical skills and artistic confidence!

We had the great pleasure of organising a weekend with Christi and what fun it was, everyone had fantastic time check out the gallery below of wonderful pictures enjoy !!!

There was so much created, artful bowls and dishes using an impress & colour method and freeform shaping.   Hearts and pendants using moulds, powers and bead embellishments were used . Faux stained glass pendant and wall piece where created an a huge  crop of glow-in-the-dark ghoulies were born. then there were dragonfly and steampunk whales.

fabulous weekend of claying with wonderful people. 


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